About Me

I am a mechatronics engineer interested in robotics, artificial intelligence and embedded systems development. I work on different projects based on my interests and share them on here. Please follow me on social media for further information.


MEng. Aerospace Engineering (Robotics)
University Of Toronto

MEng. Electrical & Computer Engineering (AI)
Toronto Metropolitan University

BASc. Mechatronics Engineering
University Of Waterloo

Work Experience

At my last internship at MDA I worked with the AI team to develop Deep Learning solutions to improve operations, and monitor system health for CanadaArm2 aboard the International Space Station. Implemented ML networks using LSTM in Python and Keras for predictive maintenance of MDA’s robotic hardware.

Project Am I Working On!

Classification of garbage images from TACO dataset using Convolutional Neural Networks.


Currently reading For the Love of Physics by Walter Lewin